Team Up With an Exercise Pro

Team Up With an Exercise Pro

Train with a master fitness coach in Fort Worth, TX

It can be difficult to stay committed to a challenging workout routine. Most days, it’s far easier to sit on a stationary bike and scroll through your phone!

That’s why you should call CBC Fitness, LLC in Fort Worth, TX. Our personal trainer can provide you with the live, in-person motivation you need to excel at your home or gym workout.

We’ll keep you moving in Fort Worth, TX

CBC Fitness’s trainer, Chris Hertler, can show you the proper techniques for a wide range of home or gym exercises. In addition to powerful in-person training, he’ll:

  • Harmonize your workouts with your eating plan
  • Provide an in-person nutritional consultation
  • Keep you motivated through weekly and biweekly check-ins

Best of all, Chris will be available 24/7 to keep you on track. Call 207-458-3814 to work with an Fort Worth, TX health coach.