A Better Life Begins With Food

A Better Life Begins With Food

Create a meal plan with Fort Worth, TX’s CBC Fitness

Admit it: You love to eat.

After all, everybody does – even the ripped fitness models you see on TV! However, the difference between Joe Six Pack and Joe-with-a-six-pack is proper nutritional planning. By customizing your food intake to your unique body and fitness goals, you can look and feel amazing, too.

Build a meal plan with CBC Fitness, LLC in Fort Worth, TX

CBC Fitness’s trainer, Chris Hertler, will help you build a personalized meal and nutritional plan. First, he’ll ask you to complete a questionnaire about your food preferences and fitness goals. Using this info, Chris will:

  • Calculate your daily caloric intake
  • Put together a macronutrient schedule for your protein, fat and carb intake
  • Keep you motivated through weekly and biweekly check-ins

As you strive to make healthier choices, Chris will be available 24/7 to provide you with advice and encouragement. Call 207-458-3814 to begin a personalized nutrition plan in Fort Worth, TX.