Strong Is the New Sexy

Strong Is the New Sexy

It’s time to enjoy your exercise plan in Fort Worth, TX

Finding the motivation to exercise can be a huge challenge. On your own, it can be nearly impossible! That’s why it’s important to have a skilled motivator in your corner.

Contact CBC Fitness, LLC in Fort Worth, TX. Our trainer has spent years helping people like you maintain the energy and focus required to lift, run and compete their way to a healthier body.

The key is customization

CBC Fitness’s trainer, Chris Hertler, will develop a workout plan based on your unique lifestyle. Lasting between four and six weeks, this plan will:
  • Be tailored to your work schedule and personal life
  • Gradually evolve and adapt to your progress
  • Involve weekly and biweekly check-ins

Chris knows how to develop workouts for either the home or the gym. Additionally, he’ll provide you with a private app, where you can stay organized, chart your progress and watch 3-D workout instructions.

Best of all, Chris will be available 24/7 to provide motivation when you need it most. Call 207-458-3814 to begin a personalized fitness plan in Fort Worth, TX.